Cupping Our Palms, Winner of Meadowlark Press’s 2022 Birdy Poetry Prize!!!

A million thanks to publisher Tracy Million Simmons, publicist Linzi Garcia, and judge Bart Edelman, who has chosen my manuscript Cupping Our Palms as the winner of Meadowlark Press’s 2022 Birdy Poetry Prize!!! Thank you as well to all the finalists and semifinalists and all the poets and readers out there, without whom we’d all just be writing and reading by ourselves.

Here’s the link to the wonderful Birdy Poetry Prize announcement and reading:

And here’s a breakdown of the event so you can skip right to:

2:21 – 8:55: A reading by Ruth Maus (“Valentine”)

9:30 – 17:47: A reading by Brian Daldorph (“Kansas Poems”) and 17:47 – 22:51: Brian’s reading of poems by the late Antonio Sanchez-Day (“Taking on Life”)

24:09 – 40:23: A reading by Alison Hicks (“Knowing Is a Branching Trail”)

40:40 – 44:30: Announcement of the finalists and semifinalists

45:10 – 46:15: Tracy’s introduction of Bart Edelman (“Whistling to Trick the Wind”)

46:15 – 48:00: Bart’s introduction to “Cupping Our Palms” and subsequent commentary (48:00 to 50:00)

51:55 – 53:48: A few words (or rather, loss of words) from me, followed by 7 of my poems:

53:48:  Thanks a lot, Shakespeare, for the Starling

55:30:  Beacons of Light

56:33: Damn Our Shortsightedness

57:53: The fire-escape, no longer weighed down

59:30: To Sugarcoat the Truth

1:01:24: A poem written in my past life as a 15th century Georgian monk

1:02:33: Cupping Our Palms